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This practice is contracted into some medical aids. If we are not contracted into your medical aid, you will need to pay upfront and claim back accordingly.

If you are not with a medical aid scheme, you will have to pay for the consultation on the day. Please phone 021 685 2375 for consultation rates.

In preparation for your consultation:

  • bring your Medical Aid card or details
  • have a list of the names of your medication
  • think of all the questions you would like to ask and even write them down

Frequently asked questions:

  • “Does it matter if I am bleeding or have my period?”:  No it does not.
  • “Can a papsmear be done if I am bleeding?”: Yes it can definitely be done.
  • “Do I need to shave or wax beforehand?”: No it is not necessary.
  • “Will the papsmear be painful?”: A papsmear should never be painful. It may be uncomfortable, but the more you relax the easier it will be to do the test quickly and easily.
  • “This is my first time to see a gynae and I am scared.”: This is completely normal and we will try to put you at ease as much as we can.
  • “Can I have an ultrasound?”: Yes you can, there is an ultrasound in the rooms.
  • “Can I bring my partner to the consultation?”: Yes you are more than welcome to.
  • “Will I get a photo of the baby from the ultrasound?”: Yes you will 🙂