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Heavy or prolonged periods, also known as menorrhagia, can negatively impact on your daily life. You may feel weak and dizzy, because of excess blood loss; or have the embarrassing symptoms of soiling of your clothes and never know when to expect bleeding.

Heavy periods could be “normal”, but most of the time it is something that can be managed and one should go and see a specialist.

Causes of heavy bleeding:

  • fibroids: muscular growths of the uterus
  • hormonal imbalances
  • polyps of the uterus
  • thickened uterine lining
  • intrauterine devices
  • cancer of the uterus
  • ovarian dysfunction
  • medications such as aspirin, warfarin etc
  • clotting disorders
  • thyroid disorders

If you are bleeding through your sanitary protection after 1-2 hours, bleeding clots, feeling weak or dizzy, please see a specialist for an opinion.

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