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There are literally hundreds of pills on the market. The majority of pills contain varying dosages of oestrogen and progesterone, whereas the “mini-pill” contains progesterone only. The pill is a very good method of contraception if used correctly without missing pills. It also has other uses such as; regulates periods, prevents dysmenorrhoea (painful periods), decreases PMS and menorrhagia (heavy periods), treatment of acne and hirsuitism (abnormal hair growth) and decreases the incidence of ovarian cysts. The side effects can include; nausea, breast tenderness, intermenstrual spotting, headaches, mood swings and fluid retention.

Women who should not take the pill include:

  • history of blood clots, heart attacks or stroke
  • hypertension (high blood pressure)
  • > 35 years of age
  • smokers
  • history of breast cancer
  • migraine sufferers
  • history of severe depression

The pill works extremely well for most women, but obviously there are women who will experience side effects and hate being on it. If you have side effects, try asking your doctor to change you to a different type of pill, one that has different hormonal compounds and dosages and that may do the trick.


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